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I'm biased because I work here, but even before I did I couldn't imagine my digital life without 1Password. It keeps me sane. I put everything in it: passwords, sensitive documents, software licenses. It's my digital vault.
Been using the AeroPress exclusively for about ten years. Makes great coffee, cleanup is easy, and it travels *so well*.
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Not everything here is *exactly* my style (all midcentury modern), but it's close enough that I'll happily trade that sliver of personality for the good quality furniture, simple shopping experience, and great customer service.
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Like Firefox in its powerful customizations, and beautiful to boot.
Broke the world of behavioral economics wide open. So much clicked reading this.
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Tab nirvana. So satisfying to close all my tabs at the end of the day and be able to restore them in one click the next morning.
It's small! Seriously, phones are getting entirely too big. The XS is just right.
Timeless wisdom.
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