Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe


Recovering workaholic documenting a sabbatical year of nomadic travel in 2020. ✈️🏝🏔

#reading, #music, #video, #maker, #podcast, #money, #freelancing +3
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Edit audio (or video) by editing text. Computer made transcription that automatically adds punctuation. Revolutionary.
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Noise canceling is a major quality of life improvement.
Life-changing book. The 40% rule. Will completely change your perspective on what’s possible.
Privacy matters. Unlike ProtonMail (which doesn’t encrypt your subject lines or attachment names), Tutanota actually encrypts everything.
LTE Watch for listening to music or podcasts while running, but more importantly: because able to capture thoughts and ideas while running using dictation.
Best Reddit client by a mile. Loaded with goodies. Made by a previous Apple employee. Feels native.
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