Juan Cifrian

Juan Cifrian


Language coach for Brazilians 👨🏻‍💻🇧🇷 Biz coach for online teachers 🌎 nomadic explorer 🌍 avid learner 🧠 past lives @UnivMiami🌴@FTI_US💸 @TimeOut✍🏼

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These are my go-to for travel and music, but they just got retired from online calls thanks to my new AirPods Pro. Worth noting that after two years, there's some significant wear and tear on the padding, but the noise-canceling is amazing.
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These are a gamechanger for online calls, though I do still use my USB mic for a crisper, more professional sound. Still, much more comfortable than expected, the noise-canceling is scary good, and they're seamless with my Macbook. Now, as for my Pixel...
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Does what Calendly does, but better because you can change your availability on the fly directly from your calendar (Google, e.g.) by click-and-drag.
Seamless spaced repetition for Kindle and web highlights
Tristan Homsi
10x the comfort of your standing desk time.
I like my adjustable standing desks the way I like my coffee grinders: Manual ☕️
Remarkable service and life-changing tools for small business owners
Asynchronous heaven for coaches and teachers
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