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Great tool to resurface your highlights from Instapaper and Kindle notes.
Daniel DoyonTristan Homsi
Absolutely pathetic UI but still the best community for book lovers. I hate the UI and performance to the core, but I use it almost every day.
In India we strive our ass off to conserve and increase the Tiger population. In US, these guys are breeding it like a pet. May be free markets in wildlife really works. India should also adopt it 😂 But seriously it is an awesome documentary that works like a crime thriller.
My go to app for writing morning pages in iPad with Apple Pencil. Has an great handwriting recognition algorithm, so it’s easy to convert into text.
It’s my personal film festival.
Like Goodreads for book lovers, Letterboxd is for film lovers. Awesome community and app to track watchlist and discover new films.
Peter Thaleikis
Best note taking app for Apple Pencil
Simple, easy and best RSS feed aggregator. (Fuck you, Google, for killing Google Reader. I will never forgive you guys for that, bozos)
YourStack Mascot