Michael Rupert

Michael Rupert


Software Engineer, Amateur Photographer

#startup, #programming, #fitness, #ecology, #literature, #domains, #maker +15
16" MacBook ProAngelListiTerm2NetlifyVue.jsVS CodeAlfredDune (Novel)Honda AccordPlex



Michael Rupert stacked HealthFit
I love keeping Apple Health as my one store of health data, this tool allows me to get that data out to other places. (Mostly Strava)
The perfect camera ergonomics for carrying casually.
Looks great and works great.
A great mix of fantasy, sci-fi and philosophy.
Michael Rupert stacked Alfred
Better version of Spotlight, great custom workflows that anyone can write.
Michael Rupert stacked VS Code
Flexible, free, fairly performant.
Michael Rupert stacked iTerm2
Powerful, flexible, customizable.
Michael Rupert stacked AngelList
Made some great connections during my most recent job search, including the startup where I work. Enables 2 way communication without the weird nagging and corporate feel of Linkedin.
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