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Radoslav Stankov


Software Developer.Head of engineering at @ProductHunt. Organizer of @ReactNotAConf. Speaker. Trying to blog more at t.co/R2uqgoEVzc 🤖

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When I have a hard time, I use the Pomodoro technique every time, and I use this app for this. It is a menu bar app, so it doesn't clutter my desktop.
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Best chair for this price point.
I'm using this app for years now. I Still the best RSS Reader experience.
Dan EdwardsChris
I find quite a lot of utility in the Apple Watch. Health, Notifications & Music controls functions are obvious. I also use Shazam and different clocks with timezones quite a lot there.
The easiest way to record your screen as video or gif and share with collages. Sometimes, I browse some of the old shares, I have done and go to memory lane about projects, I have worked on.
My favourite Apple Watch so far.
My favorite traveling accessory. It keeps my phone safe and saves me from my fear of being without a phone in a foreign country.
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I use DayOne for 7 years nows. I have at least one outline about every day since I start using it. I also use it to keep my weekly/monthly personal reviews.
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