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I like their noise canceling capabilities. It took some time for my ears to get use to the new shape though.
I like to pair my laptop and external keyboards. So I have a muscle memory and can switch between those.
This is the chair, I recently got. I'm quite happy with it.
Stefan NatterJoelRahul
I like how it is just there and I don't need to backup my photos. Its search by location, person or objects has gotten a lot better in the last couple of releases.
VladJoelJesse Russell
I try to do 10k steps every day. My longest streak so far was 159.
VladJoelJesse Russell
Refactoring is the operation, which most programmers do most of the time. The book is practical and technical. It also promotes a mindset that can be applied outside of code.
Joe HootmanJCRahul
I play this game for 6+ years now and I still have like 400 levels to pass. It is a good game to kill 5-10 min, plus it is offline so great for flights.
PASCAL TIEMANNMehul KanzariyaLindsay Lee
It is quite simple and just one tab away. I like that diagrams, mindmaps, mockups are in one app
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