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Pro tips
Too many notifications? Here's how to filter them.

I didn't know you could filter your notifications feed until I received this prompt today:

Of course, filtering out people that I don't follow or don't follow me defeats one of the main benefits of Twitter: Serendipity and connecting with new people.

How to create your own custom workouts

I have arthritis in my knees and can't do many of the leg workouts prescribed in the instructor programs.

Fortunately, using the mobile app you can create your own workout plan. Here's what I created:

I hope they add the ability to share these workout plans with friends someday.

Access secret shortcuts using 3D Touch

By using 3D Touch (i.e. pushing down on the Twitter app icon on iOS), you can shortcut yourself to search, draft a new tweet, write a new DM, or capture a photo.

(Note: I'm using the Twitter beta, hence the unique app icon)

Customize your Intercom chat widget

Give your site more personality by customizing your Intercom chat widget. We recently replaced it with our friendly pancake guy.

Sometimes the small things make a big difference. 😊

How to mark all channels as read (use with caution!)

We have dozens of channels on the Product Hunt team, most of which I don't need to actively check. As a result, several channels are bold with unread messages creating a visual distraction.

To mark all messages as read in every channel, hit SHIFT+ESC. But be careful, you can't undo it.

How to chat with other Poolside.fm listeners

Poolside.fm just introduced PoolChat, reminiscent of the good old days of AIM.

Chat at https://poolside.fm/lockdown.

Use ⌘+K to instantly switch to any channel or DM

Most people use their trackpad/mouse to switch between channels or DMs.

You can save time (which really adds up for those that work in Slack) by using this shortcut: Hit ⌘+K to open an autocomplete search box to find what you're looking for. Boom! 💥

Disable automatic photo saving to declutter your Camera Roll

By default WhatsApp saves all photos shared in chat conversations to your camera roll. I personally dislike this, especially when people dump photos into a noisy group chat.

Disable automatic saving by going to Settings > Chat > turn off Save to Camera Roll.

Press and hold your spacebar to temporarily unmute yourself

The title of this pro tip says it all.

Just make sure this feature is enabled in your settings first (Preferences > Audio).

How to use face filters on Zoom

Many of you know about Zoom's virtual background (if not, read this: https://yourstack.com/pro-tips/236) but fewer people know that you can join your video meetings as a pizza, alien, or even a pickle.

First, download Snap Camera: https://yourstack.com/products/TheSnapCamera

Before your next Zoom call, go to Preferences > Video > and change the source to Snap Camera.

Then have fun (but remember to change your camera source before your next "serious" meeting 😄).

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