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Founder of Product Hunt. Doesn't eat pancakes. 🥞

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Pro tips
See what your users are saying on Twitter with TweetDeck columns
My favorite TweetDeck feature is the ability to add columns for specific search queries. Since the beginning of Product Hunt, I've had a column surfacing every mention of Product Hunt and link to the site. They key is to use "OR" statements to capture misspellings (e.g. "ProductHunt vs. Product Hunt") and multiple keywords. Here's the query I use: “product hunt” OR "producthunt" OR “producthunt.co” OR “producthunt.com"
How to find DJ sets and mixes from your favorite artists

I'm so glad SoundCloud still exists. It's filled with original music you won't find on Spotify and other "mainstream" music streaming services.

My favorite part of SoundCloud are the 1+ hour DJ sets and mixes. Here's how to find them:

1. Search for you favorite artist

2. Click on Tracks

3. Click on "Length" to expand options

4. Click on >30 min filter

5. Enjoy 😄🎶

Bring your own cup, save $1
Few people know that if you bring your own cup or mug, you'll save a dollar. Philz saves on some of the cost but really its their way of promoting sustainability and reducing waste.
How to customize your Slack's color theme
You can customize the color theme of individual Slack teams. Slack Themes (slackthemes.net) has a ton of pre-defined color themes you can use, including my favorite: a Product Hunt theme. Here's what it looks like:
How to use Spotify to discover upcoming concerts you'll love
Spotify has a near hidden feature for discovering concerts based on your music listening history. Go to Browser > Concerts > and enter your location (city). Unlike other concert discovery sites like Songkick or Bandsintown (also useful in different ways), Spotify makes it super easy to listen to the artists' discography without leaving the site.
Best way to give feedback on pitch decks

A founder in Weekend Fund's portfolio recently asked for feedback on their pitch deck. Instead of sharing written notes for each slide, which can be very time-consuming and low fidelity, I used Loom to record myself giving feedback as I flipped through the deck. I know other investors that use this approach as well.

How to rearrange the products on your profile

Many early beta users asked for the ability to rearrange the products shown on their profile. So, we built a handy drag-and-drop feature so you can move things around and highlight the products you love most.

It's not exactly MySpace Top Friends, but similar. 😄

How to draft emails together with your team

I'm a big fan of Spark because of its collaboration features.

Simply click the button in the top right of a new email draft to share it with a teammate (or your entire team):

They can edit the email on your behalf or send the email directly themselves from their address or your address if you give them permission.

The alternative workflow of sharing an email draft in Quip, Notion, Slack, etc. is super inefficient.

Use InVision to get early feedback from your users

Since the beginning of Product Hunt, we've used InVision to gather feedback from the community on mockups and ideas we're exploring. Most people see InVision and similar tools for internal feedback (which is what it's designed for) but we've found gathering mockup feedback super useful, especially before we've started building the screens. Here's a recent example we shared:


"It's easier and more secure to be just the way one is"

This paragraph struck a cord with me:

I'm a very routine, habitual person. I tend to avoid new experiences and stick to what I know. This keeps me "safe" and reduces anxieties, but that same behavior closes me off to things that I might really enjoy or learn from.

I realize this is an ironic characteristic for an entrepreneur. 😆

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