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Ryan Hoover


Founder of Product Hunt. Doesn't eat pancakes. 🥞

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Most people track their weight using a simple scale, but that doesn't do a great job of reporting actual fat loss or muscle gain. BodySpec takes only 10 mins and costs $45 for a detailed DXA scan (see screenshot of some of my results in the comments).
Mike CoutermarshCampbell BaronJosé Cage
Excellent read for anyone interested in learning about stoicism or tools to reduce anxiety and life's hedonistic influences. This book is very actionable (although skip the first part if you're not interested in the history of stoics).
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Tons of unique sites to visit and far more affordable than renting a house on Airbnb. If you’re not into camping, check out the glamping options. Some are stunning. 🤩
Andrei M. MarinescuBrandon DionChirath
Suzy and I have been doing more hiking lately. AllTrails is the best trails search engine I've found.
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Nobody likes traveling to a notary public to get a dead tree signed. Thankfully I rarely need to use one but when I do, I use Notarize which does everything online.
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Ryan Hoover stacked Tonal
I just replaced my commute to the gym with Tonal. Big fan already.
Joaquim LeyAndrei M. MarinescuAlexandre Mouriec
VideoAsk (made by Typeform) feels like a sleeper. It makes collecting video or audio responses super easy. We're using it to capture pitches from founders with fundraisefromhome.com.
Juan CifrianAlexandre MouriecClément Puren
I've seen so many apps try to build "Twitter for audio". Clubhouse is the best execution of this vision. The app is still very early in limited beta with less than 1,000 people.
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