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Ryan Hoover


Founder of Product Hunt, Weekend Fund investor. Doesn't eat pancakes. 🥞


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See what your users are saying on Twitter with TweetDeck columns
My favorite TweetDeck feature is the ability to add columns for specific search queries. Since the beginning of Product Hunt, I've had a column surfacing every mention of Product Hunt and link to the site. They key is to use "OR" statements to capture misspellings (e.g. "ProductHunt vs. Product Hunt") and multiple keywords. Here's the query I use: “product hunt” OR "producthunt" OR “” OR “"
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Which email client do you use?

Despite the rise of so many email apps, I've stuck with Gmail because it works well enough for me.

19:35 PM · Sep 25, 2019
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Which email client do you use?

Love having a separate email client. Smart notifications were a game-changer when they were introduced

18:39 PM · Oct 3, 2019

What app do you use to listen to podcasts?

I used to do Spotify for Podcasts, but ever since I switched to a Pixel it became so much more easier to stick to Google for Podcasts and leave Spotify for just my music.

16:46 PM · Oct 3, 2019

What’s your go-to on-demand food delivery service?

I use Swiggy for late night snack deliveries.

14:12 PM · Oct 9, 2019
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