Robleh Jama

Robleh Jama


Consumer products + AR/VR @Shopify. Previously founder @TinyHeartsapps an award-winning mobile product studio acquired by Shopify. Founder at ❤️

#work, #money, #sustainability, #product-management, #startup, #ui, #design 
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Cool video-based survey product that I'm keeping an eye on. It's from the team at Typeform.
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I haven't fallen for a productivity app like this since Slack. I've been using it as a virtual whiteboard to run cross-office workshops. We did a brainstorming session and a retro across 3 offices this week and it was as if we were all together in the same place.
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Tracking all of my packages!
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Use Nest protect and thermostat.
What's better than wifi -- fast wifi everywhere!
We have a Youtube premium subscription so the kids can watch videos interruption-free.
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To talk to friends and family.
Using IG a lot less these days but still have it on my phone.
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