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Robin Papa

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COO at Froconsur, the seafood specialist. Combining high tech logistics with extraordinary sales management.

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Robin PapaĀ stackedĀ Refind
I check Refind every day for a selection of articles that educate me about my field. It keeps track of your interests and helps discover high-quality articles.
Robin PapaĀ stackedĀ Slash
It's a very neat app! Great for Pomodoro too! If you want an extra 50 tasks per month (I get them too), you can use this code when signing up: 2G_qCP0uHEt The great thing about Slash is that you have categories, a very clean interface, and of course productivity statistics!
Robin PapaĀ stackedĀ Loonshots
The physics approach to management opened my eyes.
Robin PapaĀ stackedĀ Grovemade
Filled my desk with beautiful products designed by Grovemade. Makes your desk very instagrammable. Beautiful wooden accessories.
Robin PapaĀ stackedĀ Google Home
Turning my lights on and off with Google Home. Hope to do more with it soon.
Robin PapaĀ stackedĀ Omnigraffle
Great for business diagrams and structuring thoughts!
Manage your home's temperature from anywhere.
Robin PapaĀ stackedĀ AirPods Pro
I really appreciate the noise-canceling while working in a busy office.
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