Robert Gaal

Robert Gaal


Tall Dutch guy. Founder of Cooper. Previously at Google, Karma, Wakoopa.

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Working on it 🌱👀
"Why do you love Philips Hue?" Sigh. I might not. It works okay and its apps are, again, okay. I wish they made better wall switches. I wish the app was somehow easier. But it works with nearly everything, so there's that.
This thing is slowly becoming another inbox I have to catch up on and I hate it. It's not you, it's me, Pocket. I'm sorry.
It's not going to win any awards but the huge database this app taps into, and the super easy scanning features, make it really easy to organize my comics. (If you make this app, get in touch! I have thoughts! Many!)
I'm currently falling in love with hashbangs: !w for Wikipedia, !li for LinkedIn, etc. Ones you get the hang of that you'll have a very hard time switching back to Google. (And if you still want to, just use !g.)
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I hate that I have to use this app but that doesn't mean I hate the app itself. Thanks to a recent update the logos of the services I log into are now more visible. So that's cool.
Asking for a friend: If you put Tiles on everything and use it a lot, like A LOT, does that make you a dumb person?
If 1Password came to my house, changed my Wi-Fi passwords to something not super easy to guess, and slapped me in the face every time I clicked on a phishing link, only that would make it better. It's pretty great already.
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