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Karl stacked Al Dente
Helps keep my MacBook battery health top notch! I keep my MBP plugged in at work, this allows it to no longer continuously drip charge at 100%. + Prevents charging past my target(80%) + Free + "Pro" paid upgrade available. Free option is likely fine for most users + M1 support
Karl stacked HEY
Liked it enough during the 14 day trial to purchase a year and give it a real shot. I've been considering moving away from gmail due to privacy. I thought I'd miss having a more notification heavy email, but I don't. Navigation on their apps could be more intuitive though.
Fits the sound profile I want for my at home tasks(music/gaming). •Superb build quality •Includes two earpad sets(Analytical or balanced) which change the sound. Balanced pads are installed out of box. •Fatigue is possible for those sensitive to treble, albeit you can EQ this
Needed a quality umbrella for the occasional SoCal rain. I own the Metro and it keeps me dry while withstanding wind. Don't think I'll ever have to worry about chasing it down the street. Doesn't flip inside out when gusts pick up. Would recommend!
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Karl stacked Things 3
Organizes my tasks neatly. One of my favorite and most used productivity apps. •Available on all Apple devices (iPhone/iPad/Mac/Watch) •Clean interface. Easy to find and manage tasks with labels. •No monthly/yearly price. Each App has a per platform cost. (pro/con for some)
Rodrigo Franciozi Rodigues da SilvaRobert Richman
Karl stacked Warby Parker
Great glasses & business: •Quality build •Fair warranty •Affordable •Variety of styles •Customer service is top notch If you're looking for glasses or sunglasses give Warby a look! 👀
JacqShavin Peirieskaleigh
After hunting & browsing countless hours worth of backpacks I picked this bag up from codeofbell. •Build quality is good •Lots of space & holds my macbook/iPad •Hybrid sling-backpack •I like the way it looks, function + aesthetics!
Calum Webb
Karl stacked 15:21
A cork phone case, you say? Absolutely! The case is thin for those who prefer minimal and the cork has a soft but grippy feel in your hands. Easy to take on/off. It does get a patina similar to the leather cases you're used to. Used daily on my iPhone.
JulieRyan HooverAaron
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