Ryan Eade

Ryan Eade


CTO at Get Spiffy, Inc. Love creating and building things, including software, games, electronics and product design.

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I am horrible at note taking and Obsidian gave me to tools to build a better note-taking flow for myself.
It's my first EV, and it's a pleasure to drive. It feels smooth, and has plenty of cargo space for all the normal family gear.
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I've used it for years, and it's quick to prototype in. I never find myself searching for "how" to do something in the app. Every workflow is easy to pick-up.
The camera is excellent, the battery life is long, and it still fits in my pocket just fine.
It's become a part of my daily routine through the years. I don't even notice it as a device anymore; it's really an extension of me.
It's based on the podcast of the same name, and is a great collection of founder stories that are both energizing and awe-inspiring.
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