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Ravi Nuxoll


Encephalography, cyber security, photovoltaics, artificial intelligence, materials science

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Ravi Nuxoll stacked Wikipedia
Maybe an obvious product, but it feels like it is often underappreciated. It seems like everyone should take advantage of Wikipedia. Also a great cause to donate to.
Just super quick to put on and practical for everyday. I've had the same two pairs for years.
Easily my favorite podcast right now
Ravi Nuxoll stacked 1984
Hard to compress all of the books insightful warnings about statism into 280 characters. I also like how the ending illustrates that it is human nature to break and defy reason in favor of society when enough pain is inflicted. It’s a self-preservation mechanism.
Combine this with a cloud server, and your iPad is like a laptop (except you can’t access localhost via shell unless you jailbreak)
Ravi Nuxoll stacked Ptable.com
One of the greatest websites ever created as a store of knowledge. Only comparisons that feel fair is Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha
High insight-density (a form of information-density I just defined)
Ravi Nuxoll stacked Naval
One of my intellectual heroes
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