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I live with a young puppy in a tall condo building. The trip outside and in can easily take 5 minutes, and my schedule sometimes has me back to back for hours. With Fresh Patch, my pup can relieve himself naturally. And unlike astroturf, it is resistant to odors!
VarunLuke HutchisonLinda Xie
Before using Magic Mind, I used Qualia Mind for over a year. I have found that Magic Mind works as well — if not better — and without any of the weird aftertaste! I now have it every day alongside my morning coffee. (And, as a bonus, you do not have to cycle off it.)
Daniel KangAleksandra SmelianskaJacq
In one keystroke — Command E — you can instantly find and open anything no matter where it is. Works with G Drive, Trello, Greenhouse, Evernote, and more.
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The fastest email experience in the world! 🔥
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