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I like that the interface is both Mac in nature and more intuitive to use compared to Photoshop. I'm not a professional photographer, but I have found Pixelmator to meet my needs for touching up and manipulating photos.
Andrew stacked Scroll
Being able to read my favourite sources of news like io9, Slate, The Verge and Vox and support their journalism for a fixed price each month, and be rid of the ads clogging up my browser. Plus the audio reads of the articles is a bonus for long articles.
Andrew stacked Scythe
It’s a game that blends so many great characteristics together; war, steampunk, alternate timeline, beautiful art, mechs, eurogaming rules and it is competitive. I’m always left reflecting how I could have adjusted my strategy and been more efficient with my turns.
Andrew stacked Reeder 4
I’ve used it since version 1 as my RSS reader and I’ve always stuck by it because I love the interface. Simple to use, delightful swipe gestures, fantastic reading experience.
Andrew stacked Backblaze
An affordable means of backing up the laptop to an off-site location. When combined with Time Machine, have a little more peace of mind knowing there are at least 2 alternative locations that the data is stored.
Andrew stacked Clear
This app is useful if you just want to list things and not do anything fancy or advance. Sometimes I just want to make a list of things so they’re captured, not schedule or remind or anything else. Clear is visually clean and delightful to interact with.
Andrew stacked iPhone 7
Had it since release and still using it in 2021. iPhones is at the point where unless you're playing mobile games, it's rarely feels underpowered or slow. It just works. The jet black colour in particular is a gorgeous sight to behold and I'll miss it this phone when I move on.
Andrew stacked YouTube
I'm fortunate to afford YouTube Premium; the viewing experience is better without ads and I can support my fav content creators. YouTube also has the best video nav implementation, i.e. the double tap left/right to move video backwards/forwards
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