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• It feels very nice to not have wires • Seamless pairing with iPhone • Very good sound quality
./scottRodrigo Franciozi Rodigues da SilvaSuyash Gunjal
• Long-lasting battery life • Good camera for pictures and videos • Has a stylus for fun use - can be quite practical for selfies
Yusuf stacked One Profile
• Create practical profile pages for your projects, brands, groups, anything. • Sister sibling to oneprofile.info
DikshaRyan Hoover
Yusuf stacked MacBook Pro
• Still rocking my 2015, 13", secondhand Macbook Pro.
Yusuf stacked Atom
• Beautiful code editor
Yusuf stacked Stack
• Having all of my commonly used apps in one space • Always getting better on each update
Yusuf stacked Spark
• Consolidate all of my emails in one space • Clean UI/UX • Free to use for individuals • Has a really well made mobile application
Yusuf stacked Bugsnag
• Smooth onboarding process • Integrates really well with Rails
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