Patrik Winkler

Patrik Winkler


Prev: growth @homeht_, product @PrioriData. Fitness/nutrition coach on the side. Clearing mental ram @nodwat. Onwards 🌱

#learning, #crossfit, #fitness, #data 
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The Carrd of apps. Super easy entry, based on Google Sheets as database. But still, with formulars and different elements you can go a long way. While you can work around more situations than you think and they have a helpful community, you might reach your limit at some point.
Jesse RussellAlexandre MouriecAleksandra Smelianska
Want to build anything, Bubble is your friend. Known for a fair learning curve at the beginning, gives you a lot of opportunity once figured out and make you less dependent on your own or other people's coding. You can really build a lot with this.
Justin E. HarrisdaynaJesse Russell
Easiest website builder yet powerful. Multiple pages, forms, many integrations (ie Stripe or Typeform). Within 1-2 hrs you have a finished website and personal gumroad to sell anything digitally.
Aleksandra Smelianska
This is really the closest to a 2nd brain I've seen. benefit of not thinking of where to put a note is surprisingly big. thoughts digitalised and so easily connected. You literally want to use it and I have it open 24/7. Likely not fully leveraging it yet. Want: Needs an app.
Obviously can expose the dark side of the world and not really made for nuanced conversation. But something would clearly be missing without it.
Fastest product for time-to-writing/creating new note. Syncs across all devices. Using it for temporary notes mostly. Simple. Does the job.
Overview, infinite hierarchy, scalability for teams, diversity in use cases. add an API and this becomes even greater. and the design, just working in it makes you calmer
Want to store anything or have one source of truth, Airtable is the way to go. So many different use cases and flexibility while still providing structure and limits.
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