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Social media graphic design in minutes! Saves me time and has gif option as well as video and BONUS - removes background from the image like no other !
All the world on one plate!
Great go to to all in one place for all my podcasts plus i can listen to them offline while on the road where there is no coverage!
Saves time and nerves! It collects all notifications from all other apps so i don't have to be interrupted by messages etc. throughout the day.
Even free version is good enough to have a full experience of all newest hits and oldies ! Plus it has a great amount of podcast that i listen to as well! Customizable playlists that i can share with others!
The best way to stay organized! I have been using it for almost a year now and it's my go to extension every day!!! Such a big part of my internet experience!
Strategy is the key!
Mine is red and it is all that counts!
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