Oslo based product designer with a thing for good food and techno.

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My mind is magical. Through this piece of software you'll understand better how your mind works, what it needs to function. My mind is an exciting piece of software that'l be worth from the first day if you put your trust in it.
Simple, protective and good looking case for the 16inch Macbook Pro. It also has a secret compartment for your documents to carry along.
Produkthelt stacked Play
Most unique approach to the front end creation part of mobile apps
Produkthelt stacked Pitch
Pitch is the simplest, yet most advanced presentation software out there. With attention to details and really getting the challenges of creating presentations of all kind, they have created one of the most exciting products of the last 5 years.
Produkthelt stacked PixelSnap
Not only for learning design, but also to measure really quickly any object it is a vital part of my workflow as a designer.
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Simple, yet super stable and easy way to create beautiful and connected documents. The mobile experience is unheard of and the team has big focus on detail which create a lovable user experience.
Produkthelt stacked Lingo
Best place to save all your images, pdfs. I not only use it at our company for storing brand assets, and guidelines but also for personal use. With Lingo I have my personal inspiration database which includes books all available super convenient natively on mac.
Produkthelt stacked Tempo
Seriously the best email client used so far. Just waiting for the mobile version and then switching completely.
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