Prateek Sharma

Prateek Sharma


Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, VP Product @ Duta 👪 📷 ☕️ Experiences over Possessions, X-Makemytrip, Founder @ mygola. IIT Bombay. My ❤️ @parul8ue

#startup, #product-management, #dad, #cooking, #internet, #weightlifting 
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Notion has become the home for my personal and work projects. The flexibility of the interface to combine text + tables on the same page is really powerful!
I LOVE Ulysses for writing. My biggest use case right now is morning pages, where I just do some unstructured, flow of consciousness of writing every morning. Ulysses gives me this clean interface (the full-screen writing mode) to just focus on writing. Very zen!
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Insanely good recommendations!
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