Prajwal B. Kumar

Prajwal B. Kumar


Productivity Nerd. Looking for a life in cyberspace.

#fintech, #sustainability, #programming, #money, #marketing, #investing, #gifs +10
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Prajwal B. Kumar stacked Feedly
Get all your sources in one app.
Maximilien Moreau (Max)
Prajwal B. Kumar stacked Ahrefs
The free tier is absolutely amazing. Find broken links have figure out what's wrong with your blog's linking structure.
I might get boring with my writing sometimes, the best of my writings, I owe it to this app.
Prajwal B. Kumar stacked Mailgun
The free tier is a boon especially for someone like me.
Best in class visuals.
Cheaper and the most reliable one.
Prajwal B. Kumar stacked Ghost
Hands down the best CMS ever.
Prajwal B. Kumar stacked Notion
While this is more than that, Notion does let me manage my life and work around via To-Dos.
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