Philipp Temmel

Philipp Temmel


Designer @iTranslateApp 🌐 | Book-, Music- and Podcast-Lover | Curating, writing | Striving for mental wealth! ✌️

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I am a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, and recently made the switch to a HHKB, I was skeptical because it is my first ANSI keyboard and also my first 60%, but I just love it. Topre switches are definitely endgame for me, so smooth, can not wait to extend my HHKB collection. 🥰
Finally pulled the trigger on a Herman Miller Aeron Remastered. One of the best investments I did for my Home Office, I could sit on the Aeron for hours, great functions, super comfortable, and great design.
Raindrop is a simple, easy-to-use, fast, bookmarking manager. With the free plan you get incredible features. Big plus: It is cross-platform, so no matter what system you are running, you can always access your bookmarks!
I tried a lot of different Task Managers but Todois is my favorite. It is fast, super easy to use, available cross-platform, and just my absolute favorite when it comes down to structure and organizing tasks for my work and projects.
Without a doubt the best lightweight, cross-platform tool, for quick note-taking, organizing thoughts, and structuring projects and tasks.
iA Writer is without a doubt the best writing app out there. Whenever I am planning to write a longer blog post iA Writer is my preferred tool. Its minimal interface is free of distraction so you can focus purely on writing.
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