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moved from to wire, solid german service, great teams support, lots to be potentially built around their api/apps codebase. end to end encryption, great video/audio chat built in, giphy support, audio posts, great for teams or just person to person comms.
one of my favorite vpn providers -- great wireguard service, lots of solid servers, great speeds, no password needed just an account number, easy top up, also use crypto for payment, 5 euros a month, no messing, just solid, fantastic app, great company, nuff said.
vicky flores najas
finally works in the uk and transfers between $ and £ accounts appear to be free, fast too, easy to use, not become a daily driver yet but anything that gets me away from paypal fee hell and just legacy payment gateways has to be a plus -- the future is frictionless. ask elon!
one of the most easy, straight forward, incredible support platforms for creators out there, you can litearlly make a product, connect a third party store, take payments, change versions, create serials codes, it's just plain awesome. low fees and great $10 monthly plan.
not sure if i've posted this before but i've been using this a lot more lately. i have to say the dashboard for stripe is so clear and makes it a joy to use, i'm certainly interested in exploring this more in the coming months now we are all at home from covid-19
do not sleep on pinterest in 2020. it's been in the shop and had a face lift and it's come out of that shop with sleep social media skills like tiktok for traffic generation. get into bulk pinning, pinterest stories and keep an eye on those numbers, a mover and a shaker. .
omg, i wish all crypto application wallets were like this. not only do you get a solid crypto wallet but the UI is creamy and delicious! the ability to invest in erc-20/eth projects like dai and use services like compound are super easy for the average noob to get into.
version ten of speedify just came out and it's awesome. not only have they built in better support for "streaming" applications - gaming and zooming video conferences but you also get bonding of available internet connections and DNS level options
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