Pedro Wunderlich

Pedro Wunderlich


I design weird and silly things that some people seem to love 🤣. Furious Five, Wakeout, Wake N Shake and Drag (coming soon).

#comedy, #politics, #stoicism, #bodyweight-exercise, #design, #community, #product-design +1
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Breathtaking design. Reminiscent of Calm back in its early days. Simple soundscapes and scenes to drift off, meditate or focus.
It's likely that we're all victims of dissonance between who we are, and who we think we are. Keep your ego in check and enjoy a life connected to reality.
Coleman Foley
Fast games, lots of strategies, easy to onboard new friends
Coleman Foleydevnall
Idea to MVP in a few hours! 🤯
Coleman Foley
Remember Winamp? Ionica is just like Winamp but for OSX and supports touchbar. If you have a few MP3's lying around, this is the best compact player for it.
A pomodoro timer with exercise breaks. Great for working from home.
Great journalism into audio. I love listening to podcasts while I work out, this is a nice addition.
Intense, powerful, hard-as-hell 5-minute home workouts. In practice, each workout lasts about 15 minutes when taking into account rest periods and breaks.
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