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Quick and easy
It's great! Everybody has a chance of winning, even if they are playing for the first time. Catan was designed so that everybody, throughout the whole game, has a levelled playing field, unlike Monopoly, where when someone starts to take a lead, the game becomes pretty boring.
Especially in this quarantine, stuck at home, times, being able to cook wonderful, on point, meats in sous-vide has been the highlight of my days. Mellow, unlike other sous-vide devices, allows for a meal to be cooked hands-off while I'm doing some other stuff.
It's the best one. And I hacked mine a little bit, so that I don't have to go around my business with their logos on my face... matte black everything
I got a DIY business version of their standing desks, where I had to create my own desk surface, and it was the perfect (and only) solution to fit a standing desk in my window sill, exactly where I wanted it. I’ve also added some aftermarket wheels to it, and it runs great!
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