Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan


Founding team member at Shipt. CTO & Co-Founder at Linq.

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the linq card allows me to share any info I want with someone by just having them tap their phone onto the card. another reason I love it is because if the person's phone does not support NFC there is a QR on the back that will point the person to the same information.
just started using this for inbound email support. love love how you can chat inside of front about the email before someone replies to it.
this has been a simple and great tool that seems to be really well built to easily handle incoming chat inside of slack. it just works... not much else to say about it.
I get to show support for the BLM movement. Using the NFC functionality and I can easily share ways to take action, get educated, and donate to the organizations driving change. I get to choose which BLM supporting organization the proceeds go to when I purchase the bracelet.
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The best way I have found to quickly make and share little gif's of things on your computer. I use it all the time to share things I am working on in slack.
Killer slack-like emoji functionality across the entire operating system...
Keeps that coffee warm all day. Makes it so I don't have to drink coffee super quickly and in return, I drink less coffee while still having coffee all day long.
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Allows people to build quality mobile applications quickly.
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