Parker Henderson

Parker Henderson


Building products @RedBull. Overly passionate and optimistic about coffee, people, and a lot of other things.

#product-design, #reading, #code, #prototyping, #investing, #music, #product +3
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It was the first book I read when I became interested in design and it has stood the test of time. I have reread it numerous times and frequently find myself referencing it in conversations about design.
I have things scattered all over the internet in different tools, both in my personal life and at work. Command E saves me the hassle of trying to find those things.
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Chrome is the only browser that has successfully worked for my unhealthy habit of having 100-200 tabs open at a time.
What's not to love, it's Twitter.
I'm not sure multiplayer is the future, but Figma is fast, so I love it.
My personal knowledge base for everything I do. I keep notes, trip plans, budgeting, and any other form of writing in here.
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