Parker Henderson

Parker Henderson


Building products @RedBull. Overly passionate and optimistic about coffee, people, and a lot of other things.

#product-design, #reading, #code, #prototyping, #investing, #music, #product +3
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Because I helped build it
I pick up this book probably once a week. So many good details!
Aleksandra Smelianska
The waffles!
Best money I've ever spent on a work accessory. Saved me thousands in chiropractor bills.
Aleksandra Smelianska
My go to notebooks for sketching and writing.
Aleksandra SmelianskaAaronPassbase
Treated myself to this at the start of WFH/quarantine and haven't looked back. Makes my work look extra crisp and it has a built-in camera!
Dmitriy DubovetzkyJesse RussellMichael Henry
It was the first book I read when I became interested in design and it has stood the test of time. I have reread it numerous times and frequently find myself referencing it in conversations about design.
I have things scattered all over the internet in different tools, both in my personal life and at work. Command E saves me the hassle of trying to find those things.
Ben StandeferEfe Kandemir
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