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Olu stacked Sync for YNAB
No one has time to manually type every transaction into YNAB, and they have to if they don't live in an auto import country. For the UK, this is a slick solution!
Maxwell WhiteJSTwisterjulia fine
Olu stacked Netlify
The easiest way to deploy that I know of.
Stefan Natter
Because everyone else isn't as online as me, and sometimes there are memes I've never heard of!
Stefan Natter
Olu stacked Canva
Makes designing things simple, even for people like me without a natural knack for it
Stefan NatterAnthony Young
My only precious piece of jewellery, and also my only necklace. The symbol for me reminds me of a Hozier lyric: "don't you ever tame your demons, always keep them on a leash".
Aaron Gustafsondaisuke 大輔Julie
Beautiful & plug and play.
It's leather but tough as old boots and pretty to boot. That copper lining tho!
Olu stacked Last.fm
Keeping track of what I've listened to is really important to me, as I keep the same songs in rotation for my entire life, ha ha. Also seeing patterns + connecting Exist is really helpful.
Anthony YoungStefan Natter
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