Joan Cardona

Joan Cardona


Indie iOS app developer. Cofounded @themobilebakery. Maker of @pplexams @minaffirmations and many more. From Menorca 🌴 🏖

#startups, #dog, #soccer, #ios 
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Being able to drink the same coffees at home than the ones I used to drink in cafes has saved me in this quarantine.
Nice design and great people behind it. It doesn’t feel like a bank.
Really good phone, battery is really great and the camera is the best ever on an iPhone (do I sound like Time Cook now?).
Very useful in this days of confinement. The workouts are short enough to do in one of your work-breaks but you feel accomplished and, more importantly, it makes your body tired. No more restless legs at night!
Someone cleaning my house for free, it is amazing!
Helps me being positive during the whole day. I find it specially useful the minutes before a big presentation or a job interview.
Ryan Hoover
I only use it to listen music without having to open my spotify app in my phone.
I really love food so tracking my calories makes me aware of how much I ate during the day. It tricks my mind as if this is a game where I have to eat what I love but I have a limit of calories per day.
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