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Nivi stacked Luna Blanket
Gives you that face-down feeling even when you’re face-up. A third of the price of other weight blankets. Highly rated by Wirecutter. Helps you sleep like a baby.
Jake ZellerAndrei M. MarinescuBrian Altman
Nivi stacked Headliner
We use this for every episode of the Naval and Spearhead podcasts and then tweet it out. It’s more fun than just posting to the podcast apps.
Eric RulemanRahulStefan Natter
Nivi stacked Siri
I have no shame about using Siri for everything: texting, checking my schedule, opening apps, checking the weather. I do not enjoy typing on these virtual keyboards.
SamehPankaj JainRadoslav Stankov
Nivi stacked YourStack
There’s something deceivingly fun about this product. A masterclass in subtle community design.
Joe HootmanJoelRahul
Nivi stacked Simplenote
Super simple UI. I use it to write down the names of people at venues, so I can pretend I remembered their name. Which is a good app idea IMO.
PASCAL TIEMANNDeep DaveLisa Abeyta
Nivi stacked Bartender
I don't understand people who have a million things in their menu bar. I just have Wifi and Date & Time. No Siri, no Notification Center, no Spotlight!
RahulStefan NatterBud Hennekes
Nivi stacked Walden
Yes this is an expensive meditation cushion. Yes it is the most comfortable one I've tried. Yes I travel with it everywhere I go and just check it in. I also sit on it when I'm working.
Dan MurphyRyan HooverFajar Siddiq
Nivi stacked Feedly
Yes, I still read RSS feeds. Don't get monopolized by Twitter. If you're not reading enough books, at least upgrade to RSS.
Eric RulemanColeman FoleyStefan Natter
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