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#Entrepreneur #Lover #Dreamer , Finalist of NDTV's reality Show #GodrejGreenChampion | Part of startup team at @Lovosphere , @Thetomatoheart & @BloggingDudeCom

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This is the reason I not only love platforms like Uber and Airbnb but also understand it.
Nitesh ManavĀ stackedĀ Substack
The reason I started loving emails again.
ProductHunt is the Netflix for Founders.
Nitesh ManavĀ stackedĀ GitHub
My codepad.
Nitesh ManavĀ stackedĀ Cloudflare
My favorite DNS
WordPress is the reason I started developing websites.
Nitesh ManavĀ stackedĀ
I love writing on Bit.Ai. The recent version with guest account access is amazing.
Nitesh ManavĀ stackedĀ Airtable
Airtable is superb. It's fast, functional and has great UI and UX.
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