Brad Brooks

Brad Brooks


Graphic Designer/#cartoonist ✏️, Apple freak , Arsenal fan #afc, #comics buff 💭 and #typography geek 🅰️

#podcast, #scifi, #freelance, #animation, #tv, #reading, #code +12
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It's expensive, but man, it makes damn fine coffee!
It's the first iPad I've owned since the 1st gen, and it's great.
Quick, simple and secure. It’s always with me too…
Brad Brooks stacked Lego
It's Lego! Brilliant fun, creative and cool.
My daily mouse driver. It's marvellous in every way except the lightning port is on the bottom, rendering it unusable when charging…
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Create your own widgets for iOS? Easy to use? Free??? Sign me up!
The modern replacement for for me, and much nicer to use than pinboard.
It's the best new social network I've seen in quite a while, and it has kindness as it's core rule. Which makes a lovely change.
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