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Brad Brooks


Graphic Designer/#cartoonist ✏️, Apple freak , Arsenal fan #afc, #comics buff 💭 and #typography geek 🅰️

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Remembers all my passwords for me, those passwords are now hard to guess, and it’s enabled me to set up 2FA everywhere. Simply brilliant and brilliantly simple.
Brad Brooks stacked Boop
It's a very simple app that just manipulates pasted text in a variety of ways. Small, simple expandable and open source. Plus it has a hilarious website!
Jesse Russell
QS used to be one of the first things I added to any mac, but I fell away from using it when it seemed to go into dev limbo. But now it's back, and so am I!
CSS Grid layout tools in Firefox Dev are a game changer.
Brad Brooks stacked Bear
I'm addicted to notes apps, and Bear is one of the best.
Although I don't love that they're owned by Facebook, It's always been my goto for posting comics and keeping up with other cartoonists…
I was a fairly early adopter of Twitter (joined 2006), and ups and downs aside, I still love it.
Jesse Russell
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