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Nigel Koh


Data Science @AngelList Venture

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I voice control my plug-in devices using Alexa (or Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana if you have those!). Also can create smart, automatic schedules. I love it when my living room lamp turns on when it gets to the evening and reminds me that it's time for dinner!
Peter Thaleikis
I love listening to music and it connects to my Bluetooth AV that surrounds my home with tunes when I tell it to.
Nigel Koh stacked Lifesum
Really easy way to track diet based on your goals.
Ever find that you can't sleep after working at night? Blue light controls our sleep wake cycle and significantly suppresses melatonin (our body's natural sleep hormone). I wear Felix Grays in the evenings if I'm using electronic devices heavily and find that it really helps.
Add your beans to the filter, add water and press the button. Guaranteed fresh coffee in 5 minutes without having to stand over it with a kettle in hand!
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Sleek and brings my laptop up to eye level! Changes the game if you’re using your laptop as a second screen.
Peter Thaleikis
I love the ease of adding events and todos to my calendar. Huge productivity booster!
Peter Thaleikis
It comes with free storage of unlimited original resolution photos if you have a prime membership! The ML is not as sophisticated as Google Photos yet but I bet it'll get there in time.
Peter Thaleikis
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