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*The* best "work" backpack I've found, having tried so, so many. I use the Flight Pack 2. It's well designed, holds it's shape, and has the perfect amount of pockets/compartments.
I love these so much. They're almost *always* in, travel with me everywhere, and charge fairly quickly.
I often like to rewatch and rewatch and rewatch shows while I work.
Most visually pleasing weather app, for me.
We're obsessed! It's especially great here in Chicago where the window to ride bikes outside is all over the place. Completely obsessed with Power Zone training. Don't sleep on all the classes offered via the app.
I live here! 95% of my editing, retouching, and my entire archive is in Lightroom.
I think it looks the best. I keep flipping between this and Overcast - almost wish I could combine the two.
I save everything here to read/watch/look at *later*.
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