Nick Bell

Nick Bell


Co-founder and Managing Partner @attentioncap. Previously VP content @Snap and SVP Digital @NewsCorp.

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Investing in sleep. Why wouldn't you?
My new go to for discovering productivity/life software.
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Nick Bell stacked Libby
Loan books/magazines from the library on mobile and kindle without ever visiting the library.
Proven by science to help concentration.
An easy to use/accurate rain forecast. Find out to the minute when it will rain.
Nick Bell stacked CarPlay
I wish Apple would allow you to choose a new default map (Waze). It's also pretty buggy but much better than the standard in car system.
Nick Bell stacked Captio
Send yourself an email. The simplest but most used app on my home screen. Lightning quick to open.
This device helped me kick start my disciplined eating last month. Easy to use and appeals to the data junkie in me.
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