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This was my go-to for all notes in college, but I have since turned elsewhere for typed notes. I still love OneNote for hand-written notes and doodles. I mainly use its "Draw" feature on iPad. Handwritten/drawn content still syncs well and I can extract these as screenshots
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If there was one signal in the sea of noise that is tech industry analysis and media coverage, this is the signal
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Great way to record product demos and presentations. Before Loom I used to use QuickTime Player screen recording. Never again! You can easily pause the recording to pick up where you left off, and share a link to the recording as soon as you're done.
Awesome place to discover books and see what friends are reading. I keep track of my to-read queue (which grows by the day) on here. After finishing a book I like going through GR reviews - I find that other people's interpretations of a book are often insightful in themselves
A no-nonsense startup 101 book aimed at people in tech roles who are considering joining or starting a startup. Covers a lot of ground with plenty of resources to explore. The concise, logical thinking of a software engineer shows in Jim's writing style, which is super refreshing
I use this even when I'm not going out of the house. I keep my desk pretty minimalist and this flask is a stayer. I have the 32oz which is kind of big for walking around with but you don't have to get up to refill as often. Also keeps liquids hot/cold for a LONG time
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Slack alternative designed for async comms: no online indicators, channel chats organized into threads so topical discussions are easy to find & follow. Team adoption was fits and starts but I think it will be powerful once we figure out norms around thread naming &categorization
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I like that they gamified this so that you're motivated to advance to higher leagues each week by practising + earning XP. They've designed the progress UI such that I want to come back and max out all the lessons. Stories are also amusing. Using this app to practice mein Deutsch
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