Kristina Macekovic

Kristina Macekovic


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Imagine if Roam Research and Notion had a native baby
Markdown, local files, backlinks, graph view, good UX, expansible (there's already a great Bear-like theme!), great community and fast development, tag support, good support for zettelkasten use. Free for personal use. Excited to see where it goes.
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Games on mobile!
- markdown-like syntax, with code and math, timelines, handwriting - Offline - export to markdown,pdf,docx - Presentation mode - GCal integration - linking between notes - tag support - apps for mac, ios and probably other platforms CONs: export and pres. work only from browser
Beautiful app with guided flows. Free version has more than enough, but I wouldn't mind paying for it. iOS, Android and web!
A very good free meditation app. Has guided programs from establishing everyday practice to handling stress etc.
Extremely comfortable. Last the advertised 30h, even more. Drown out almost everything. If you add some brown/white noise into the game, there's nothing you can hear at all (even conversation near you). Best purchase ever, highly recommend for people dealing with misophonia.
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