Ned Brush

Ned Brush


husband, father of 3, RF hardware designer for Keysight, mt biker, craft beer nerd, obsessive about good design

#analytics, #parenting, #ui, #product-design, #product, #nature, #learning +8
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Ned Brush stacked AeroPress
make amazing coffee on the fast and cheap
the best running shoe I've ever owned
Ned Brush stacked Spotify
killer playlists and music discovery
Ned Brush stacked 1Password
loyal customer since 2012. it's enlightening to have secure and unique passwords all while having to remember just one master password. FaceID and 1password is a game changer.
Ned Brush stacked Strava
giving kudos to friends, finding new mtb routes, and maybe an occasional PR
Ned Brush stacked Playlistr
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