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Nadia stacked Daylio
Daily mini-journal app. I use it to track certain habits and behaviors (diet, exercise, etc). It's super quick to use every day and helps me find patterns over time.
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Nadia stacked Messenger
I still maintain this is the best messaging app. Reactions, quote messages, group names and nicknames, easy to start group chats or do 1:1. Also, the notifications badge doesn't go away every time you open it, so I remember to use it.
Max Yakin Bozek スBen ChurchPASCAL TIEMANN
Nadia stacked Notion
A more lightweight Google Drive, or a more robust Dropbox Paper. I use it for collaborating at work.
Parker HendersonColeman FoleyArpit Mehta
Nadia stacked Substack
A quieter place to write longform for your subscriber audience. I prefer newslettering to tweeting these days.
Parker HendersonColeman FoleyBinyamin Green
Easy way to passively keep in touch with friends and resolves a lot of coordination problems
Nadia stacked Rainymood
White noise, anywhere you go
Nadia stacked Eight Sleep
The only mattress whose temperature you can adjust. Hopping into a warm bed at night is the best. (Or a cold bed, if that's your thing...)
Super convenient workout available at my fingertips whenever I want. Also, it's fun to be basic
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