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Pro tips
Better Twitter search

Twitter does have a full suite of advanced search operators, but the two that you’ll end up using the most often are:



where x and y are usernames.

Don’t give it access to your email

By default, Arrive wants access to your Gmail so that it can scan for package receipts. Don’t do that! Otherwise your Gmail security is only as good as Arrive’s, and you’ve created a second attack vector for hackers.

Instead, you can always add items to Arrive via one click from inside your email receipts.

Use Lists

Unfollow everyone and use lists. It gets rid of Twitter's algorithmic timeline and lets you break up your feed by interests. Very easy to browse in the new mobile apps. The only downside is that you can no longer mute retweets on a per-account basis.

Block / Unblock to force unfollow

If someone annoying is following you, block them and unblock them immediately and they're no longer following you.

Check battery on AirPods

Add the battery widget to the home screen of your iPhone. Then, whenever you have the airpods connected, open the case, take at least one out, and swipe right on the iPhone home screen to check the battery level.

Mix and match

You can get half-and-half of two different blends. For example, try half Philtered Soul and half Jacob's for a chocolate-hazelnut experience, or a half-decaf.

Get it for free!

It’s the old version, but Matt is such a great guy that he’d rather you have that than nothing:

Make Gmail Secure Again

Gmail is the nerve center for your life. If it gets hacked, you’re screwed.

- Use a strong password generated by a password manager

- Let the password manager fill the password. Doing it manually leaves you open to phishing attacks on non Google domains.

- Use a second factor. Don’t use SMS as the second factor since you can be SIM ported.

- Don’t set a recovery phone number if you are a target, as that can be SIM ported and used to steal your Gmail.

- Sign up for “Advanced Protection.”

- Be extremely careful giving 3rd party apps access.

- Check “last login” and the list of logged in devices regularly.

Take the course online

The book is the written summary of a 17-week long course that Professor Harari taught at Hebrew University. The entire course is available free on YouTube.

Roam if you want to...

Even if you don’t like the coverage locally, you can put it into your second SIM slot (for example, the new iPhones can put your main carrier on an eSim, leaving the physical SIM free). Now, international roaming is dirt cheap, extra data SIMs for other devices are free, and you have multiple networks to fall back on. Plus a line that’s not vulnerable to number porting that you can use as your recovery number on other web sites.

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