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Naval stacked Clubhouse
For when I want to have a private and casual conversation with a hundred strangers eavesdropping.
Radoslav StankovRyan HooverRahul
Naval stacked Notion
Microsoft Office for the 21st century. All of my docs are in Notion now.
JulieAlexandre MouriecDavid
Naval stacked PACT
A cheap and never ending supply of all-organic cotton dailywear. Their coupons are amazing, you can often get free socks or similar.
Alexandre MouriecHeidi Helen PilypasEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Naval stacked Walden
Meditation is a single-player game, and if it's a way to show off your taste, you're doing it wrong. You should be able to meditate sitting on a towel. That said, if you want the best high-end meditation cushion, this is it.
PASCAL TIEMANNAleksandra SmelianskaPratik Gandhi
The best book on semiotics that never uses the word.
Jonathan YagelBrad BrooksKathy Tu
Best TV show ever made. Rick is the brilliant scientist operating with the full context of an overwhelming multiverse, while everyone else thinks he’s just crazy. I’ve seen most episodes around five times each.
Nazim MoreraAlemaloheDanny
Throw away the proprietary hardware and use your extra iPad or iPhone. Very convenient when traveling with kids!
VladJosé CageDiogo Ferreira
Naval stacked Siddhartha
So good it should be under non-fiction.
Rohan HarikumarBernardo CamposGuido Crego
YourStack Mascot