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Stefan Natter


I am interested in and talking about JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, and Software Engineering. | 📧 Weekly NL Series:

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I have tried Endel for a month and I am torn. Compared to (which I also use) it was too monotonous for me. I am more the type for more variety in focus music. This is a personal preference because all in all Endel offers a great variety and is intuitive to use.
Like Goodreads, just for wines.
The sound is great, the noise-canceling and transparent feature too. But honestly, the first generation of the AirPods fit better in my ears than these ones. Not sure what I am doing wrong, but it's just the way it is for me.
Developer focused Community. It is easy to write and share articles and interact with readers. The community and writes on the platform are great and I find something new every time.
Whenever I feel back pain I use the Foam Roller to release some of the tension.
KYM documents and explains why certain memes or videos went viral. Get to know the story behind Memes.
Build websites, native apps for both your phones or computers with React.
Gives you more flexibility than the built-in macOS terminal: create different profiles, customize almost everything (fonts, colors, shortcuts) and more.
YourStack Mascot