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Stefan Natter


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Dark Theme everywhere.
Kevin Gutschner
It is a wonderful tiny app. It helps me stay on track with breaks and periods of focus during the day.
Never get an embarrassing notification during a meeting ever again. Muzzle automatically enables the "Do not disturb" mode when screen sharing.
Enjoy time with your friends and family in virtual house parties. UI and UX are both smooth and easy. Does what it promises.
The best tool to track your intermittent fasting.
It provides a pretty good overview of what's going on on Twitter with customizable columns for any type of feed (filter hashtags, users, keywords, ...). Easily schedule tweets and stay on top of your notifications.
Optimise your images easily online.
I treasure up tabs constantly during research and then I get lost with lots of open tabs. OneTab helps me reduce the number of tabs, by simply grouping them together and putting them out of sight. But they are all ready to be opened again with just one click.
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