Micah Carroll

Micah Carroll

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Sharing info and material that would help my past self. Product design @teikametrics (ex amazon)

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Micah CarrollĀ stackedĀ Goodreads
Love sharing my status of what I'm reading & being able to see what friends and family are reading as well.
One of my favorite keyboards, and the wireless + mac support is such an insane plus.
tyler āØAnthony YoungJulie
One of my favorite books of all time, much needed within this day and age.
tyler āØJulie
Micah CarrollĀ stackedĀ Zoom
Those backgrounds.
It's the daily driver.
Micah CarrollĀ stackedĀ Bartender
Gotta keep things minimal mate.
Micah CarrollĀ stackedĀ Rework
One of my favorite books to come to, in terms of learning on how to work in office.
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