Alexandre Mouriec

Alexandre Mouriec


Web Dev @ APITIC • CS Student @IUTLannion

#photography, #gifs, #programmation, #lifestyle, #music, #product, #design, #internet, #tech, #maker, #code, #remote, #work, #memes, #startups, #programming, #reading
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I often use my computer in the evening so f.lux is perfect to remove blue light. On my iPhone I use the default Night Mode.
Eating healthy is often hard so Yuka is helping me by giving me information about what I buy when I scan a barcode, and recommend alternatives
Carpooling is perfect to not travel alone, save money and meet new people. I use every 2 weeks when I drive back home and sometimes use BlablaCar when I don't find people to carpool with
Unfold is my favorite app to create Instagram stories. I am very creative creating stories so Unfold helps me do that perfectly with their choice of templates and tools.
Use 2FA authentification for your accounts so Authy is an useful app to do that.
Jumbo is helping me protect my privacy and in a really intuitive way by explaining what it does each time. I highly recommend it!
From time to time I uninstall the Instagram app from my phone to remove distractions and Threads by Instagram helps me still be in touch with friends via Instagram DMs
I send a lot of memes and GIFs but Morphin GIFs add a personal touch to reactions that I love. People are always asking how I do that when I send them
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