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I have been playing Among Us with friends the past weekends and really like the game! A great game to play with friends, or ex-friends after playing 😄
Jesse Russell
Gemini Photos Gallery Cleaner is the best app IMO if you want to clean your photo gallery. I have deleted around 2800+ photos, if not more photos thanks to Gemini and have been able to enjoy a lot more my memories and photos
Farayi ChambatiPASCAL TIEMANNRobbert Vermeulen
I have been using Opal for the past couple of weeks to reduce screen time and be more focused and my experience has been fantastic 👏
Kylee Grace SchmuckChromabillAaron
My iPhone 6s was dying after almost 4 years so I decided to buy an iPhone 11. After watching the iPhone 12 keynote, I decided that paying more for the latest models wasn't worth it for my use. Perfect size, performance and design 👏 Really happy with the iPhone 11!
I only buy clothes a few times a year but for these purchases, I would like to buy more ethical, environmentally-friendly, or second-hand clothes. A really great book to learn more about the fashion industry, slow fashion, and the future of clothes. I highly recommend this book!
Best book IMO about habits and habit building. Actionable and full of insights. And the resources given with the book are useful when you want to build your own habits
Coleman FoleyM.Stefan Natter
After seeing so many IOS 14 homescreen redesigns on Twitter, I decided to experiment on my phone using Widgetsmith and Shortcuts and Widgetsmith is the best app for widgets
Kylee Grace Schmuck
I have been using Bootstrap for the past couple of years. But since I learned about Tailwind CSS, I have been even more interested in using Tailwind CSS in my future projects. It saves time and creates really nice looking websites
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