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I have been journaling for the past 45+ days and Wellnest has helped me a lot by providing me with a great app to write and keep track on my writing, and also courses with prompts to write about specific topics I want to focus on. The team is also very nice
Coleman Foley
Breaker is shutting down after being bought by Twitter. I had to choose a replacement and only read great things about Overcast. I really like the simplicity of the app and the smart features to improve the experience. I will still miss the social features of Breaker
Joe Hootman
I just got AirPods Pro for Christmas, after losing my AirPods several months ago 😥 Really happy with the sound quality and noise-cancelling feature, and happy to go back to wireless I decided to protect them with a Rhinoshield case to make sure they are 100% protected
I have been playing Among Us with friends the past weekends and really like the game! A great game to play with friends, or ex-friends after playing 😄
Jesse Russell
Gemini Photos Gallery Cleaner is the best app IMO if you want to clean your photo gallery. I have deleted around 2800+ photos, if not more photos thanks to Gemini and have been able to enjoy a lot more my memories and photos
AnnaFarayi ChambatiPASCAL TIEMANN
I have been using Opal for the past couple of weeks to reduce screen time and be more focused and my experience has been fantastic 👏
Ryan HooverAaronAnna
My iPhone 6s was dying after almost 4 years so I decided to buy an iPhone 11. After watching the iPhone 12 keynote, I decided that paying more for the latest models wasn't worth it for my use. Perfect size, performance and design 👏 Really happy with the iPhone 11!
Joe Hootman
I only buy clothes a few times a year but for these purchases, I would like to buy more ethical, environmentally-friendly, or second-hand clothes. A really great book to learn more about the fashion industry, slow fashion, and the future of clothes. I highly recommend this book!
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