Alexandre Mouriec

Alexandre Mouriec


Full Stack Developer @ APITIC

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I use it when I need to keep my Mac awake to run a specific process
I use Google Docs, Sheets and Slides every time I need to collaborate with someone
I bought this Cloth Mask (+ 2 PM 2.5 filters) during lockdown and have been wearing it since the end of May. It's comfortable, protects well and spreads some positivity with a "We're in this together" message on it.
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I subscribe to the newsletter and follow the Twitter account to be updated and learn the latest trends in media and commerce
I heard great things about this book so I read it. It definitely made me reflect on my life and the decisions I make to live a happy and fulfilling life
Esteban Aravenavicky flores najas
I use it from time to time to schedule calls since it's much easier than sending several emails. I really like when people I am meeting are using it since it saves us time
First book I read to learn about the Lean Startup
I love how actionable this book is in helping reach a dream career
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