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I have been using Bootstrap for the past couple of years. But since I learned about Tailwind CSS, I have been even more interested in using Tailwind CSS in my future projects. It saves time and creates really nice looking websites
A really great book about company culture, wellness and excellence at the health insurance breakout startup It’s a fantastic book by Jean Charles Samuelian-Werve full of advice to apply to your company. I read it in one day
A really great book to better understand yourself. I love the format of the philosopher and youth, and the 3rd person, the reader. I don't agree with everything in the book (for example trauma) but I learned and thought a lot while reading this book so highly recommend it!
Ryan Hoover
The App Store for TestFlights. Really well-built, perfect to discover new apps to try 👏
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I started using Netlify to host my static websites and the product is great to use. It doesn’t cost me anything to host my small projects
After listening on the website and the Mac App, I am now ready for the next pool party with the retro IOS app 🌴
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I would like to add a blog to my personal website so Ghost seems like a great product. For people using Ghost, how is your experience with it?
Build static and fast websites in React with a headless CMS behind I started experimenting with a couple of side projects using Gatsby. I have started with Gatsby + Strapi, tried a bit Gatsby + Contentful and will probably use Ghost next alongside Gatsby
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