Nazim Morera

Nazim Morera


French crypto-space entrepreneur, I'm currently working on a great project called which aims to change the way financial data is exchanged.

#ux, #bitcoin, #analytics, #blockchain, #programming, #tech, #investing +8
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Nazim Morera stacked koinju
easy to use crypto price data :-)
Nazim MoreraBenoit Chambon
Nazim Morera stacked Slack
good for teamwork
Nazim Morera stacked Samsung US
it work
Nazim Morera stacked tisseo
lol man, this is just public transportation, pooling means of transport is a good thing for all of us, you should know that
Benoit Chambon
Nazim Morera stacked Gmail
connected to all google tools, it's more the habit that it works 24/7 than the pleasure to use it.
Benoit Chambon
Nazim Morera stacked Spotify
the right vibe for the ears and brain
Nazim Morera stacked Notion
it's simple, it's shared by all the team and most of all it didn't need any explanation to use it
AlexBenoit Chambon
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