Melissa Reffel

Melissa Reffel


Keep up with a lifestyle that incorporates more technology. Look to to help you find the #techstack that works for you and me.

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I start my projects with deep social 👂 👉trending topics 👉recent, relevant content (feedly automated and integrated) 👉micro influencers who 😺 🤩smart inbox now suggests engagement opportunities based on activity 🤩data and analytics - acquired from simply measured 🤯
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Scheduling with calendly integrates well with Outlook and Gmail, still testing additional features and functionality.
Love the user interface and offers included (free blog) and the outreach from support is super responsive. Will keep you posted on additional testing for social media management.
I like the look and feel of the boards, just started organizing my bookmarks. I will keep you posted on my progress and use cases.
Created my first test presentation, trying to improve my flow diagrams. Will keep you posted on my next test presentation for a client.
In the beginning stages of testing this for a client, trying to get started now with templates.
Purchased Marketing + Website builder offer from @GoDaddy for $197. The GoDaddy team designed my entire site in three days, and offers continued support 24/7.
Easy, no-contact and mobile payment to friends and family. No more IOU post-it notes to throw away, lol.
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