Mike Weiss

Mike Weiss


Lover of technology, soccer and the outdoors

#apps, #soccer, #formula1, #fintech, #product-management 
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Mike Weiss stacked Casper Glow
The light and timer is đź‘Ś
Mike Weiss stacked Philz Coffee
The app is perfect (except that it asks how well they did for EACH session). Easy to select time, location and pickup is a cinch.
The best soccer podcast around for tactics and insights into why things happen on the pitch. The perfect balance to Men in Blazers.
Mike Weiss stacked Carryology
The best place to learn about all things carry (wallets, backpacks, totes, etc). Great reviews. Interesting perspectives.
Mike Weiss stacked Pock
Converts the usually useless touch bar into something useful. Also gives you more room on your desktop (which on a laptop is always welcome)
I had Journalbot which was perfect. This is a good more feature rich alternative.
Mike Weiss stacked HEY
It’s helping me rethink my approach towards email. It’s focus on trying to make sure you only see important stuff feels fresh and different. Lots of room to grow
Mike Weiss stacked eero
Ensuring the WiFi goes everywhere
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