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Mihai Serban


Digital Product Designer. Problem solver.

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I have the Notebook Medium (A5, hardcover, dotted grid paper) and I love it. Hands-down the best notebook I ever had (and reasonably priced too).
Not your average fitness tracker. A wearable with a sleek look accompanied by a great mobile app. I look at it as a lifestyle improvement tool rather than a fitness wearable.
If you have a bike, get yourself at least two of these. Use them if you need a super versatile, durable and secure way to attach things to your bike.
Image compression done right.
Sketch Mirror, but for Android - previewing designs on Android in real time.
The most versatile bag I ever owned - whether I'm out fishing, running errands around the city or travelling - this bag "has my back" 😉
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The one and only color picker app I need on my Mac.
This is a must for everyone using a mobile hotspot when working - it reduces the data usage by allowing you to control which apps can access the Internet.
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