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Michelle stacked Carrd
It is SO EASY to make a beautiful and simple website. First heard about this product on Indie Hackers.
Jesse Russell
Timeless gems. Helping me form a better product mindset.
JoelJesse Russell
Michelle stacked Hopin
I love this platform. It has three areas: Reception, Stage, and Networking. The Networking area is my favorite: it is like speed networking where you get to speak to randomly selected individuals from the event for three minutes with the option to connect. Awesome platform.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)Ryan HooverMaria Halse
Michelle stacked Peapod
Great grocery delivery service.
Michelle stacked BoltBus
My preferred bus transportation provider.
Michelle stacked Transit
Every New Yorker needs to know when the trains are coming.
Michelle stacked Weav Run
An app that is attuned to my running cadence and selects the songs that matches it! How cool and perfect.
Michelle stacked MapMyRun
If I am unfamiliar with a place I am in, I can see what courses others have taken that are within my range (for example, see courses but filter on courses that are three miles if that's what I want to do that day).
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